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Holiday Art | Freelance Artist Watercolour Collections for Art Licensing 2024 and Beyond

December Already? Time for Some Holiday Art

As December is upon us so quickly, it is a perfect time to reflect on the festive artwork I have in my design archive which is available to license for next year. Recently I have been delving into my past art licensing artwork and re-organising collections, re-colouring and adding new elements and brand new work. It really is amazing how artwork can transform when looked at again with fresh eyes and added knowledge.

Watercolour Style Christmas Artwork for Licensing

I have been freelancing as an illustrator and designer for 6 years now, and I feel my style has really come together as I have experimented and learnt more about licensed commercial artwork. I have dabbled with digital elements and still use these techniques a little for adding detail, but my true love is traditionally painted watercolour artwork. I enjoy painting, making textures and messing up my studio table way too much to cross over to the fully digital realm of artwork creation!

Watch this space! New Art Licensing Collections Incoming

I will share my new finished art licensing collections when they go live in 2024. The below pieces may receive a little tweak here and there but they will be mostly unchanged and with the addition of co-ordinating surface patterns, placement motif clusters, hand written elements and some product mock up ideas for product applications of different substrates on accompanying presentation boards.

Representation for Illustraion and Art Licensing

I am currently representing myself as a freelance illustrator and designer, however, would be open to hearing from illustration and art licensing agencies that are interested in my work.

For now I can share artwork and designs that I have readily available for art licensing right now...


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