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Surface Pattern Design Portfolio

Floral, Tropical, Botanical, Nature Watercolour Textile and Surface Pattern Design Freelance Collections 

Freelance Surface Pattern Designer

After a career in graphic design and photography, I circled back to my art school degree BA (Hons) Textiles and Surface Pattern Design from The Northern School of Art (back then Cleveland College of Art and Design).

Since 2017 I have freelanced creating surface patterns and artwork for sale internationally through design studios and agencies. The experience constantly brings me an insight into global markets, trends and develops my sense of colour and ability to form cohesive collections. 


I've enjoyed working with experienced art directors and have learnt so much so far from their feedback and look forward to continue to do so throughout my career. Creative work is much more interesting when every day is a school day!

My style for surface pattern design has so far taken me where the trends have led: floral, botanical watercolour painting, quite loose and fluid at times. I have also enjoyed working with more detail and with objects in some of the more traditional briefs, such as creating seasonal art for the USA market for Thanks Giving and Fall for example. 

I would love to take influence from what I am currently learning about picture book making to create artwork for children's products in the future.

Autumnal and Botanical 
Watercolour Illustrations

Exclusive Art Licenses and Bespoke Surface Pattern Design Projects

Please get in touch to discuss your surface pattern and product design requirements.

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