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Online gallery featuring Laura's art and illustration work. If you would like to make a purchase please get in touch using the "enquire" button or use the website contact form. 

Prices stated are for the artwork as described. Plus delivery costs.

Sea Scape Illustrations

Set of three original watercolour and gouache artworks inspired by the light and its reflection on water at the coast, casting figures as shadowed silhouettes. Original reference photographs were taken at Fraisthorpe Beach near Bridlington, East Riding of Yorkshire. The piece is left unmounted to create a subtle illusion as the landscape gently fades out to the edges. Framed in a simple slender white frame. 

£65 Each

Artwork size:

Mount Size:

Frame Size:



Artwork size:

Mount Size:

Frame Size:

Coastal Found Objects Mini Paintings Series

A collection of 12 mini observational paintings featuring shells, stones and pottery found at various locations in the UK, mainly along the North Yorkshire and East Yorkshire coast and shoreline at Lake Windermere in the Lake District. The works are available to purchase individually, each is unique and created using watercolour and gouache paint. The works convey a calming mood and the intention is for the viewer to reminisce on ones own experience of the coastline, bringing nostalgic and joyful emotions. 

£38 Each

A Note From The Artist:

"Many of us collect bits and bobs from the beach or shore as a child, seen as treasures to a young eye, often they hold little significance in later life as they get lost again in a drawer and the memories of when and where each piece was collected fades. As I am experiencing the activity of collecting again with my own daughter, and my coat pockets become encrusted with sand and "treasures" on our own family excursions, I wanted to revisit my own collection of things, combining new and old experiences and hopefully concreting memories both past and present. I hope these little paintings spark happiness where they end up and entice a mindful moment of reflection (even if this is a moment in the bathroom!)."

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